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Fannie Mae Foreclosure


Many people in the USA who cannot afford a house of their own have the great choice of a Fannie May foreclosure. A smaller monthly payment can be made because of the cheaper price which also reduces the risk of default and repossession of the home. This is good for the homeowner and lender alike. Also, a real estate agent can purchase a house at bargain prices and sell it for a profit by keeping the house below the average price while making money on it.

What is a Fannie Mae foreclosure?

It is a shareholder company that buys up repossessed property. It then turns around and sells these homes at a cheaper price. The aim of the company is to offer cheaper homes to people who might otherwise not be able to afford it. They will also set up mortgages and negotiate prices for the homes. They give a good alternative to people who cannot afford a regular priced house.

How can you find Fannie Mae foreclosure property?

There are 2 ways you can locate this type of property. Number one, you can check out the website; it discloses numerous choices to choose from. Different listings show many sorts of homes. However, some homes will need great repairs so it’s important to be very careful of some properties. The second way is using a real estate agent. These agents have lots of listings and can help you locate any property you request and even better, they’ll help you to spot any restorations that are needed in a home.

How do you buy a Fannie Mae foreclosure property?

You usually go through a real estate agent. They will speak to the company and negotiate a affordable price for you. They will do this by giving your offer to the company. The company will then either accept or reject your offer. They can also come back with a counter offer. When they do this you and your agent will then discuss a price that you can afford for the home of your choice. Once the price is settled you sign the sales agreement to show your good faith in purchasing the home. Once this is done you will go through the mortgage process.

Qualifying for a Fannie Mae foreclosure property:

It’s often hard to decide if you can truly afford a new house. But luckily, the Fannie May company website has resources to assist you. You can assess your income at a special page on their website. They’ll let you know if you pre-qualify for a mortgage as well. All you have to do is fill in the necessary financial information and you will receive your results in minutes. This is such a great resource because you’ll save time and also disappointment. You’ll know immediately what price range you can afford and then even narrow down your price range and search only for those properties.

So do not be discouraged when you look at all those high priced houses. You can still get the house of your dreams by going through Fannie Mae foreclosures.


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