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The Advantages and Warnings about Foreclosure Prevention Services


When you get a foreclosure notice in the mail it is best to understand what their procedure will be. If you know this then you will be able to tell how much time you have, to see if you can prevent repossession. It is good to be able to explore your alternatives rather than just sitting back and letting it happen. Repossession of your home is an ugly affair and has far reaching affects. If you can stop this from happening then you will be able to stop further problems. Once you know the steps that will be taken you can be prepared. Here are the steps that are taken when your house is to be reposed.

Many states have different laws concerning foreclosure course of action. You will need to check your particular area for details. However the basic steps will be the same. Firstly you will have to understand exactly what this term means. It is when you default on your payments and you receive a notice from the lender that they will be repossessing your home. Your circumstances will decide your next steps. As soon as you receive the notice, find out as soon as you can what your choices are. Do not think that just because you received the repossession notice your home is gone there are steps you can take too save your house and credit rating.

Foreclosure prevention services are companies that can help you to leep your home from being repossessed. They will advise and help you, by advising ways that you can use to prevent this disaster. It is important to know all about the company before you sign any contracts. There are some good companies that will be able to resolve your problem. However there are also a fair number of scammers out there.

Warning signs when you choose a foreclosure prevention service:

In order to stop any further problems be careful to check for these warning signs. When you see these tactics being used by the company you are dealing with you should think again before signing up with them. There are a lot of people who get lured in by these disreputable companies and lose everything. You do not have to be one of these people, and when you stay alert and do not panic you can resolve your problem without getting conned. Watch carefully for these points.

Fees for a foreclosure prevention service:

If a company is asking for fees before they deliver any service, be careful. They may just take the fees and run, leaving you in a worse position than before. It is common for these scammers to charge large fees and then just disappear without providing any services. They either cannot be reached for inquiries or just close their doors and run.

A couple more tricks:

Another trick these disreputable companies have is to try to get you to give the mortgage payments directly to them. This is taking a big risk and can put you in bigger trouble that before. Another way foreclosure prevention services can scam you is when a company asks you to sign over the property deed to them. You are taking a huge risk doing this as you may end up losing everything. Be very sure to make sure what they will be able to do for you. If possible get it in writing. Read the contract very carefully and if necessary get your attorney to go over it before you sign anything. It is better to be safe than sorry. Remember it is your home and reputation on the line.

Positive signs when you hire a foreclosure prevention service:

Try to find a company that gives a free consultation at first. This will help you to clarify your situation and allow you to see what options are available. This will also give you the opportunity to check out the company and know fully what they can do for you in your specific situation. A free consultation usually means that the company is more reliable as they are prepared to give you some of their time to enable you to resolve your problem, before they ask for money.


It is wise to check out their credentials. A foreclosure prevention service should be honest about their success rate in helping you. There is no way that they can give 100% guarantee that they will be able to help you out. Also they should be registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

In the end however, if you see that conditions will not improve then you might think about selling your home and arranging someone to invest in your property. Try not to let your home go through the foreclosure course of action as this will ruin your credit and you will not b able to get another mortgage easily for a second home. You will lose a lot of money when you lose your home.

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