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Real Estate Marketing Your Home Like A Pro


The field of advertising includes a number of important focus areas. A good advertiser remembers to nitpick until he/she has found the exact target market. They have to know the age and income bracket of their perfect potential buyers. A good advertiser can do all these things, and if you pick a motivated seller, they can do just the same.

You have a product you want to sell, your house. That is the easy part. Trying to find the right market can be the difficult one. It is not as hard as you think. You just need to understand how to market the product and who to market it to. All of this is assuming you are already running an advertisement in the local paper and have put up a sign.

Take a good look at your home. Why did you buy it? Was it because of the number of bedrooms? Maybe it was the location. It could have been because of the yard. There are so many reasons people buy homes. You need to remember why you bought yours. This is what will tell you about your market. For instance, maybe you bought the home because it offered four bedrooms and was close to the school you wanted your children to attend. You have one potential market already. The large family. Now you need to be able to reach them.

Every school has a parent teacher organization. You could have an open house for the PTO members of your school. By sending out invitations to this group, you are reaching people who are already interested in the neighborhood. You know this because of their involvement in the school. Asking them to bring a guest will generate more interest. How many times have you had a conversation with someone who said they would like to live in the school district in which you live. Now is the time to give that chance to them. The PTO members may know someone just like that. By having an open house for just the PTO members you can let them introduce someone into the neighborhood by showing them your home.

You can do this with every group and organization you are affiliated with or know about in the community. This is just one way you can advertise your home and be a motivated seller. There are plenty of other ways.

Determine what income bracket your home would appeal to. Locate organizations and clubs catering to these people. Put up flyers where these people may be frequent. If you know certain individuals who may be interested or know someone else who may be, then invite them to a private showing. This always makes people feel special. They are more receptive to what you have to offer. People do not like competition. Although many times it makes them perform better, hence a higher offer, you may still end up with a bad deal in the end. Let each potential buyer think they are making all the decisions. Coax them into a deal rather than trying to bully them into it. You will have a better response.

Being a motivated seller does not mean being desperate. It means you are trying to market your product to the customer. Real estate has become a business just like any other. You need to make good decisions, be marketing savvy, and be a motivated seller. This will bring the profits just like in the corporate world.


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