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Planning Your Master Bedroom Remodeling


As we spend at least a third of our lives asleep, remodeling the master bedroom may not always be on the top of everyone's to-do list but why shouldn't we all have a pleasant room to sleep in. If the bedroom is only used for sleeping, this can be a waste when it can be used for so much more; relaxing, reading or listen to music are just a few examples. Many other countries are already ahead like the French who have always seen the bedroom as a place of sensuality and decorated it accordingly.

To do this requires the use of emotionally appealing colors that are more seductive like rouge or lipstick reds, subtle pinks or creamy peaches. Of course to improve upon this and enhance the atmosphere further you will need the subtle use of mirrors and candles along with some beautiful tropical plants; I am sure you can see the appeal to this already. Although there are people that like to read in their master bedroom whether it is on the bed itself or in a relaxing chair this is not a new idea as it has been practiced for centuries when people spent more time in their bedroom.

The only other thing you will need to add is sufficient light to read by which could always be a reading lamp on a table next to the chair but make sure the lighting is not to strong or it will spoil the effect. Of course when you paint your reading room you will need to choose soft colors that are relaxing and reflect light without glare; colors like old world ivory, antique amber, sage green, or slate blue for instance. When you are remodeling you master bedroom to create a room which is more like a retreat, then beautiful throws, cushions (or pillows) and mirrors will achieve the desired look.

All that needs to be done to also turn this into a pleasant place to read quietly is a comfortable chair, a reading lamp and a small circular table. Of course when remodeling your master bedroom this way, pictures of your family (preferably in antique brass frames) should be placed around the room to provide a sanctuary like feeling. To provide a finishing touch and create a room that suggests comfort and security, try choosing the darker shades of blue, brown or green.

Where space is not a problem then by placing a small television or writing desk, it can make the master bedroom feel like a place that you can completely retire to. It is not uncommon to place concealed fridges either in addition to tea or coffee making facilities which almost provide the feel of a quality hotel suite. Remodeling your master bedroom may end a project that requires some compromise if there are two occupants that cannot agree on a particular them but many mentioned previously can be mixed and matched quite successfully together.

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