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Real Estate --- Downsizing


In the past, a family of six or seven was not out of the ordinary. Even larger families were not uncommon. During this time, these families sought out the largest homes at the lowest prices. These families required the most square footage possible with the most bedrooms. However, as children grow up and move away, the houses seem to grow as well. Then the house was full only during the holidays.

Now the house is just too big and there is so much that must be done to uphold it, the holidays are no reason to keep the lumbering giant. It is time to downsize. This can actually be a exciting time in someone's life. It offers them a time to reflect on the many memories they have from the old house. Packing can be a fun way to share some of those memories. One way to do this is to have a packing party.

Before you even begin, make sure you know what you are taking with you and what you are not going to need. You can do this by packing some of the things away on your own. Then you can call in the family to help. Make sure the grandchildren are included in the invitation. Let the family know this is going to be a whole day event.

Start out by asking everyone to bring a box. This is where the excitement can start and a trip down memory lane can cause some great laughter. As your family arrives, explain you are going to be selling the house and you are packing up what you are not going to need. As the kids wander from room to room it is their job to talk about the stain on the living room carpet that just mysteriously appeared. They can also talk about how the unwanted house guest “No Body” kept doing things behind everyone's back.

As the items are packed up and placed away, each one of the children will have their own memories as well. These can be shared with other members of the family and the new generation too. The trophies which have gathered dust can be bragged about once again. The favorite toys in the attic can be brought back to life with the grand kids in the house.

Downsizing does not have to be a depressing. It can be a time when the entire family remembers what it was like growing up with each other. The dishes used at holiday dinners, or why there are only three legs on the table that are straight can really make the experience a great way to say goodbye to a family home with lots of history.

As each family member packs up a box, make sure there is one they are going to take home filled with the wonderful treasures they had when they were growing up. This way a part of the old house will remain with each one of them for years to come.


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