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San Diego California Home Health Care Services  

Often the best place to recover from surgery or an accident is where you are most comfortable your own home. Home health care options in San Diego range from full-time, live-in registered nurses to daily physical therapy. These services generally work in cooperation with hospitals and insurance companies to make sure patients receive the treatment they need at reasonable costs.

home care services - San Diego County:


AAA Home Health Services: (619) 224-8244

Addus Healthcare: (858) 571-4500

Affordable Home Care: (619) 297-8115

Always There Home Care: (760) 967-9066

At Your Home Services: (858) 558-0180

California Home Care: (619) 521-5858

Call Doctor: (619) 260-6300

Home Detox: (619) 683-2798

lmperial Valley Respite dba South Bay Respite: (760) 344-8970

Jane's HomeCare: (760) 944-7573

Olsten-Health Services: (619) 299-9900

Visiting Nurse Association of San Diego: (619) 296-1800


San Diego Support Services and Referral Programs


A wide range of services, associations and hot lines are available in the San Diego area to assist residents in various aspects of their lives.  They are listed as "Community Services" and can be found in font of the Yellow pages and include AIDS counseling, family violence and protection services, substance abuse programs, care,  family planning and health  centers, health and crisis intervention, mother and infant health advisors, and suicide prevention hot lines.

For more information on San Diego area health care facilities, contact:

Hospital Council of San Diego and Imperial Counties: (619) 298-0777


    There are a number of referral programs to help you and a dentist or physician in your area. Their numbers can be Found in the yellow pages of the phone book. Many of the area hospitals and network providers also furnish lists of affiliated physicians. Another resource for physician referrals or specific health questions is:

Ask-A-Nurse: (619) 696-8100  

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