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Real Estate --- Going It On Your Own --- Where To Advertise


Advertisement is an intense field and many businessmen and women spend years studying the different ways to market to a specific group of people. So assuming placing a FSBO sign in the front yard will magically give you all the best potential buyers. You have to advertise to find particular buyers and it’s not easy.

You can run an ad in the local paper. This is a good start. It will let the people in the neighborhood know you are selling your home. You can take out an ad which is just a basic “House for sale” advertisement. You can also get noticed by adding a picture to show people what you have to offer. You are marketing a product. What do you think would get a buyer's interest?

You do not need to stick to basics with advertising. This is actually one of the fun parts of selling a home. You get to be creative. You can set up virtual tours on a local television station. Some of them have home showings on a Saturday or Sunday morning. This would spot light your home to people who are truly interested in buying a home. Although it may cost a little more to get the message out this way, in the long run, it could pay off.

Do not limit yourself to the local area. Many people are moving around the country these days because of jobs or other obligations. By advertising on the Internet, you can reach an entirely new group of potential prospects from all over the world. Yes, I said globe. Remember there are people outside the country who are getting ready to come back home from military bases or over seas jobs, who want to see what the market has to offer. This may be thinking outside the box, however, conventional advertising will only bring you so many candidates.

Local newsletters from groups and organizations are always looking for someone to buy advertising space. You can propose to pay for an ad which will display your home. Just a picture with the asking price and a phone number are all you really need. Someone in the organization may just find it is exactly what they have been searching for.

Flyers are a great way to advertise in the local grocery stores and other public bulletin boards. You can make up a flyer with a picture or pictures of your home. Add a list of amenities, the price, and a phone number. When you put on the address, people can come by before they call to see if it is in a location they would be interested in living.

Do not limit yourself in your advertising area. The more people you tell that your home is for sale the more people you are attracting as buyers. Real estate agents are constantly pointing out the network of agents across America they can suggest your home to. You can do it as well. Realizing your potential market is the first key in determining where to advertise your home for sale.

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