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Jared Schwartz Real Estate agent

"Making Dreams Come True" is the slogan Jared has been using throughout his career in residential real estate. Jared gets a tremendous sense of satisfaction in assisting people with the largest purchase in their lives. The first home, the move-up home, the vacation villa, and the retirement home are all major milestones in one's life-cycle. He takes great pride in making his clients' dreams come true.

Jared attributes his success to his specialization within the diverse real estate field as well as his very aggressive property marketing techniques. "Working almost exclusively with sellers has helped me refine a very high tech marketing plan. My marketing plan continues to allow me to list properties for just 90 days and typically achieve top dollar for my client!"

Dear Jared:

I want to thank you so very much for your superb service with respect to the sale of the subject property. As the original owner of said property, it was an extremely difficult decision to sell, however, when we found our "dream property" in Ramona and needed a quick sale, there was only one Realtor that came to mind to do the job, Jared Schwartz.

We knew that you were the most knowledgeable Realtor in the area regarding Mariposa and we knew of your excellent sales record as a result of the materials we received from time to time. At the time of listing the property, I received honest comments, positive thinking, and what turned out to be an accurate bottom line figure, all of which I appreciated immensely. In addition, I new my interests were to be intelligently served. During the listing period, escrow and post escrow, you went well above and beyond the call of duty and I would, without any reservation whatsoever, highly recommend your services.

You took the stress out of the process. The sale was quick, we what we wanted and we learned a great deal. Thank you for your professional service and the feeling of being well cared for and looked after. It is extremely important for the Realtor to know the property and you did. The advice you gave we literally took to the bank!

Thanks again Jared, it has been a pleasure.

Very truly yours,

Carolyn A. Cannon

Dear Mr. Schwartz:

Thank you for your recent letter and for selling my home so quickly. We had 6 offers of the 3 dozen people who viewed my home.

I have never seen property marketed in such a diverse and thorough manner. You are a true professional, something we see too little of these days.

When you left my home the last time my daughter commented, "He's a nice man and hard working," I replied "Honest, too."

I'd hoped to get time to take you and your family to dinner but daughter insisted on getting out of the hot weather immediately.

Washington welcomed us with 2 days of rain but it has been in the 70's and 80's since. My fan is going.

Best wishes,

Adelaide Thomas

The BEST Gauge of Personal Service Provided!


Dear Jared,
We wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into the sale of our home, and into finding us the "perfect house!" We appreciate your hanging in there through all the changes in what and where we wanted to be. I know you saw a lot more homes than we did, and we really appreciate the way you handled things. We always felt we were in good hands and could trust your good judgment! (and look how it all paid off!). You two are awesome!
Tony, Cyndi, Akoni and Jenny





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