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San Diego real estate facts for home sellers

San Diego real estate sellers many times overlook key facts in selecting a real estate agent or broker. The skill and experience of the agent you choose is the final, most important, element of the marketing package. No matter if the ads are great and the place looks great!! If the agent drops the ball, you are nowhere.  Request credentials and, once again--ask for their success record.  A new agent should have experienced back-up. The veteran agent should be able to stand on their own credentials.  REMEMBER, the company that you choose is only as good as the agent asking for your business!

San Diego real estate is among the most expensive real estate in the nation. When you are selling your property, you may not be selling your most valuable investment.  You may, however, be selling your most precious asset.  Insist on the same credibility that you require from your doctor, your dentist, your teachers, and your hair dresser.  Every profession has the worst and the best--ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU HIRE!!

One special marketing advantage not other real estate broker can offer & gives Jared a huge advantage in achieving top dollar for his clients. Click here to learn the real estate marketing secret!

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