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San Diego Agent Real Estate Articles

11/06San Diego Housing Market - The Hidden Time Bombs 12/06San Diego Housing Market - Interest Rates Move Up
1/29/07San Diego Housing Market - Oh, It's Just Back to 'Normal' ... Yeah, Right!2/28/07Buyers Start to Back Out of Purchases

San Diego real estate investors . . . Don’t ignore the Facts! Or ‘Know when to fold them’  


Housing bubble Implosion

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8/07/07Are You Considering Re-Financing?8/07/07Evading Extra High Financing Costs
8/07/07Re-Financing's Benefits8/07/07Blowing Up Bills With Balloons
8/07/07Developing Your Credibility8/07/07Purchasing Your Dream Home
8/07/07Investing in California Real Estate 8/07/07Counting the Dollar
8/07/07Picking a Realtor8/07/07Flipping Properties
8/07/07Realizing When You Have the Deal8/07/07San Diego's Top Ten Loan Terms
9/17/07Building Into Home Equity Loans9/17/07Buying Pre-Foreclosures
9/17/07Buying Unfinished Homes9/17/07Cheap Homes
9/17/07Checking Mortgage Rates Online9/17/07Choosing the Right Home Owners Insurance for Your Situation
9/17/07Choosing your First Home9/17/07Choosing A Fixed Or ARM Option
9/28/07All About Kitchen Remodeling9/28/07Basic Kitchen Plans
9/28/07Being Comfortable With Your Kitchen Renovation9/28/07Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops
9/28/07Considering New Kitchen Cabinets9/28/07Creating Mosaic Countertops
9/28/07Does Your House Need a Kitchen Remodel9/28/07Finding A Reliable Contractor
9/28/07How to Design a Kitchen Remodel9/28/07Increase the Value of Your Home with a Kitchen Remodel
9/28/07Kitchens and Restoration in Vintage Homes9/28/07Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Floors
9/28/07Know Your Kitchen Contractors Credentials9/28/07Outdoor Kitchen Ideas
9/28/07Remodeling Your Kitchen9/28/07Secrets of a Painless Kitchen Remodel
9/28/07Simple Kitchen Ideas For Inside or Outdoor Kitchens9/28/07Stone Options in Countertops
9/28/07The Best Cabinets for Your Kitchen9/28/07Things to Consider When Pondering a Home Addition
9/28/07Today's Kitchens9/28/07Types of Contractors
9/28/07Update Your Kitchen9/28/07Varieties of Kitchen Sinks
9/28/07Who to Hire for Your Kitchen Remodel10/02/07Is Your San Diego Home Appraisal Really Accurate?
1/14/08Buying an Unfinished Home1/14/08When Choosing a Lender
1/14/08Choosing Your Real Estate Appraiser1/14/08Commercial Real Estate is Where The Big Profits is at
1/14/08Comparison Shopping When Re-Financing1/14/08Deciding on the Loan You Need to Get
1/14/08Re-Financing with Bad Credit1/14/08Re-Financing with Shorter Loan Terms
1/17/08Re-Financing to Consolidate Debt1/17/08Re-Financing with a Line of Credit Loan
1/17/08Re-Financing with an ARM1/17/08Re-Financing with an Interest Only Mortgage
1/17/08Getting San Diego Real Estate1/17/08Seek Recommendations When Re-Financing
1/17/08How to Sell Your Home Fast1/17/08Should you Become a Landlord
1/17/08Signing Into Tax Liens1/17/08Signs to Look for in the Market
1/17/08Tax Advantages of Owning Real Estate1/17/08Tax Considerations When Re-Financing
1/17/08Termite Damage And Real Estate1/17/08The Best Resources for Finding the Home of Your Dreams for Pennies on the Dollar
1/17/08The Game of the Real Estate Market1/17/08The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Investing in Real Estate
1/17/08The Ladder of Investment1/17/08The Decision to Re-Finance
1/17/08The Truth About Rent To Own1/17/08Things To Know Before Buying A Home
1/17/08Tips For Buying Your First Home1/17/08Tips For Buying An Overseas Vacation Home
1/17/08Tips For Selling Your Home1/17/08To Buy or To Lease
1/17/08Types of Real Estate Investments1/17/08Understanding Re-Financing
1/17/08Utilizing a Real Estate Investment for Passive Income1/17/08Weighing in the Factors with Comparable Sales
1/17/08What Pitfalls to Avoid and How to Avoid Them1/17/08What Type of Loan is That
1/17/08What is a Cash Out Re-Finance?1/17/08Working with an Inspector
2/29/08Second Mortgage: A Loan Lovelier the Second Time Around?3/20/08The San Diego Real Estate Market - What Can You Say?
3/20/08Real Estate Market Forecasts or Market Hype?4/10/085 House Flipping Do's
4/10/085 House Flipping Don'ts4/10/08Real Estate – Marketing Your Home Like A Pro
4/10/08Buy Low and Hold On Tight!4/10/08Buying Foreclosures In A Real Estate Recession
4/11/08Real Estate --- Purchase Negotiations4/11/08Commercial Real Estate Investing
4/11/08Real Estate --- Ready To Show Your Home?4/11/08Real Estate --- Contract Contingency Clauses
4/11/08Real Estate --- The Purchase Offer and Counteroffer4/11/08Real Estate --- On Your Own Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home
4/11/08Real Estate --- Make The Best Impression4/11/08Real Estate - Downsizing can save you money
4/11/08Real Estate --- Downsizing4/11/08Foreclosure Scams You Need To Know
4/11/08Foreclosure Profit Secrets Revealed4/11/08Real Estate – Benefits of a Market Analysis
4/11/08How To Invest In Real Estate In A Down Economy4/11/08How To Make Money In A Real Estate Recession
4/11/08How To Make Money Renting4/11/08How To Make The Real Estate Recession Work For You
4/11/08Investing In Real Estate During A Recession4/11/08Low Rates And Low Housing Prices Make This The Time To Buy!
4/11/08Make Money Today In Real Estate4/11/08Making An Offer On Real Estate In A Recession
4/11/08Making Money In Real Estate - New Construction4/11/08Making Money In Real Estate During A Recession
4/11/08Multiple Streams of Income in Real Estate Investments4/11/08 Is Now The Best Time For Real Estate Investing?
4/11/08Now Is The Time To Purchase Real Estate!4/11/08Real Estate Investing 101
4/11/08Real Estate Investing For Today4/11/08Real Estate Investing In California Today
4/11/08Real Estate Investment Options4/11/08Recession Real Estate Investing - The Short Sale
4/11/08Real Estate – Being Aware of a real estate sales contract4/11/08Real Estate --- Sellers, Planning For Moving Day
4/11/08Your Home … Sell it Yourself or Go With a Real Estate Professional?4/11/08Real Estate --- Ready to Negotiate A Real Estate Purchase Contract
4/11/08Real Estate --- Buyers, Don’t Be Surprised By Hidden Charges4/11/08Real Estate --- The real estate contracts
4/11/08Real Estate --- Checklist For Moving Day4/11/08The next great in real estate financing
4/11/08The Truth Behind New Home Construction Financing4/11/08What To Look For In Real Estate Investment Today
4/11/08Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Now4/11/08Why you should partner with a realtor before you purchase a new home
5/09/08What to look out for investing in real estate foreclosures5/09/08Home Foreclosure Options
5/09/08Benefits of rent to own home5/09/08How to make money on Bank owned homes
5/09/08Creative Owner Financing5/09/08Facts about rent to own home options
5/09/08Fannie Mae Foreclosure5/09/08Keyword: FHA home foreclosure
5/09/08Pluses and Minuses to Home Foreclosure Investing5/09/08Investing in HUD Home foreclosure
5/09/08My house has been foreclosed: what now?5/09/08The best option for the Real Estate Investor
5/09/08Where to Look for Good Home Foreclosure Properties5/09/08The Advantages and Warnings about Foreclosure Prevention Services
5/09/08Understanding the Foreclosure Process5/09/08The Secrets of Foreclosure Investing
5/09/08Tips On Making Money In Real Estate Today5/09/08Real Estate --- Have a Safe Move
5/09/08Real Estate --- Showing Your Home To Buyers5/09/08Real Estate --- The Listing Contract
5/09/08Using A Rent To Own Strategy In A Down Real Estate Market5/09/08Real Estate --- The good faith estimate
5/09/08Real Estate --- Closing Costs, They Really Add Up5/09/08What Happens In A Real Estate Recession
5/09/08Real Estate --- The Contract addendum5/09/08Real Estate --- The closing
5/09/08What You Need To Do To Get A Foreclosure5/09/08Real Estate --- Ready To Show?
5/09/08Real Estate --- Move In Day5/09/08Real Estate --- Going It On Your Own --- Where To Advertise
5/23/08When you are Getting a Loan5/23/08What You Need to Understand about Fixed-Rate Mortgages
5/23/08Planning Your Master Bedroom Remodeling7/02/08Benefits of Appointing Real Estate Lawyers
7/02/08How to find real estate lawyers7/02/08LITIGATIONS AND REAL ESTATE
7/02/08Why You Need a Lawyer in Real Estate?7/02/08Pros and cons of hiring a real estate lawyer
7/02/08REAL ESTATES AND LAWYERS7/02/08Real Estate Attorney
7/02/08Real Estate Lawyers for You7/02/08Get a Good Lawyer for Your Real Estate Business
7/02/08Real Estate Lawyers and Their Charges7/15/08Mortgage Foreclosure Scams
12/09San Diego 2010 real estate forecast2/10San Diego California Home Foreclosure Moratoriums
4/10California Home Buyers Credit4/10Government Foreclosure Prevention Program
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2/11San Diego 2012 Real Estate forecast7/12Califrornia 2012 Real Estate Recovery

San Diego Agent Real Estate Articles