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Developing Your Credibility

Whether you are just buying into a new home or are looking for some type of, your credit score is critical. This plays a large part in helping you to qualify for the amount of money that you want and need. By properly managing your credit score, and understanding how it will tie into your investment, you can be sure to benefit from the points that you have.

Before you get involved in a loan, you will want to check your credit score in order to make sure that you will qualify to get the loan you really want. There are three main companies that rate your credit score, allotting you points for good credit and how your history has related to the credit that you have. The companies that you can get your credit score from are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

Credit scores will affect the loan you get because it helps you get pre-approved for a loan. Lender companies will also be more eager to work with you if you have a larger score. They will also have the ability to give you a greater amount of money. This usually means that you have been responsible with keeping up with your payments, have a reputable history, and have taken care of things such as late payments. For some, this is the only way that any loans will be approved. For others, several factors will be considered, such as financial stability, your income, and job status. Before even beginning the process of finding real estate, you should make sure that these are in the proper order.

By counting up the points you can also add up the abilities that will take place with your loan. Understanding the various elements of your credit score can help you to save time and money, as well as get you approved for the loan that you actually want. Merely adding it all together will be the place that you want to start in order to build your credibility.


Bob Schwartz, is a Certified Residential Specialist, and a CA licensed San Diego real estate broker with. Bob has over 27 years of residential real estate experience, authored a number of published articles and served as an expert witness for San Diego lawyers. You can contact Bob via his highly popular San Diego real estate website.

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